Using an LMS for staff development

Back in 2011 I worked with an amazing team of individuals and created a capability development program for teachers in eLearning. The course is called “The Statement of Attainment in eLearning” and is an exclusive program offered to NSI staff TAFE NSW. The program mapped to TAA Diploma units and now with enhancements maps to the TAE Diploma. The program is delivered fully online using the Sakai LMS. There are many online teaching and learning techniques used to deliver the program in a truly flexible way meeting the needs of as many learners as possible while exposing the participants to a range of different teaching and learning options.

The course was the winner of the Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award (TWSIA) in 2011. As a result I was fortunate to attend the Annual Sakai Conference in LA and present the program in front of many educational institutions from all around the world!

Check out this YouTube video which tells you a bit about the course:


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